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Meet the Team

Guy and Roger in Bosnia 1999

Guy Denison-Smith. Co-Founder and Managing Director.

Guy was introduced to wine by his father from an early age and has subsequently enjoyed discovering new wines throughout his extensive travels around the globe. He likes nothing more than ‘dragging’ his family around ‘yet another vineyard’ especially if that vineyard happens to be off the beaten track. Guy founded Blue Ice Wine UK Ltd along with Roger Olson in 2020 with a view to increase awareness of Croatian wine in the UK market. Guy and Roger met during a military tour of duty in the Balkan Region in 1999. It was from this tour of duty that the idea for Blue Ice Wine UK sprung but was not acted upon until Guy left the UK military. It was at this point that Guy and Roger set up Blue Ice UK; a sister company for Blue Ice US.

Roger Olson. Co-Founder Blue Ice Wine UK and owner of Blue Ice US Inc and Plavi Led doo.

Roger started his career in the US Army. On leaving in 2001, his entrepreneurial spirit came through establishing, owning and then selling two US-based software companies prior to moving into the wine business and incorporating Blue Ice US and Plavi Led doo.  Blue Ice US Inc currently imports unique and small batch wines from wineries and vineyards on two continents.  Based in Zagreb, Plavi Led doo is a wine consolidator.  Roger and Guy are both familiar with the Former Republic of Yugoslavia while serving as Soldier's in NATO's SFOR in the late 1990s.   

Sam Richardson. Wine Consultant and Chief Taster.

Guy and Sam have known each since school. Sam entered the wine trade after university. He worked for Oddbins, both in store and running their website, and as a wine buyer for an online wine merchant. He holds a diploma from WSET (including 2 scholarships; one in vinification and the other in brandy). Sam's passion is discovering new wines and bringing these to the UK market. He sees huge potential in wine from the Balkan Region in particular Croatia. 

Randy Olson. Business Adviser/Strategist.

Randy has over 20 years of experience in business development. Olson’s consultancy services have been engaged by founders of life science, digital technology and consumer products companies in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Olson also teaches entrepreneurship classes through a United States-based foundation with participants representing 22 states and four foreign countries. Olson’s appreciation of wine includes discoveries of varietals from both old and new world producers. He and his wife Kristin enjoy wine tastings, and have hosted both in person and virtual tastings with a focus on wines from the Balkan region. 

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