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Blue Ice Wine UK was founded by Guy Denison-Smith and Roger Olson in 2020. Guy and Roger are both retired Lieutenant Colonels from the British Army and American Army respectively. They met during a tour of duty in the Balkan Region in 1999 and have remained firm friends ever since. They have a shared love and appreciation of wine built up over a number of years and have been known to share a bottle or two over the last 2 decades or so in both Europe and the US. 

Blue Ice Wine UK was set up on the back of the success of the US sister company - Blue Ice US - initially to import, distribute and retail fine wines from Croatia but with a clear aim to expand our reach across the Balkans and beyond. Our wine book represents small, multi generational, family owned wineries. Each winery has a vineyard and each vineyard has a winery; meaning they grow the vines, harvest the grapes and produce the wines on site. Rich soils, varying climates, and the extraordinary talents of dedicated artisans produce wines that are tempting and complex but yet affordable.

At Blue Ice Wine UK, we source our wines direct from the wineries/vineyards. We do not use third parties, cooperatives or other distributors. We aim to build a close, long lasting and strong relationship with the winemaker. Our wines are imported into the UK via London City Bond 

Our US sister company is Blue Ice US. If you wish to order wine in the US or Canada then please visit their site www.blueiceus.com or contact Roger Olson on roger.olson@blueiceus.com. 

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